Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this cost anything?

YouTube,, and Steemir are completely free; users generate income by posting content; the money comes from network usage, and there are no hidden fees. However, 25% of any profits you make from earnings from videos uploaded with Steemir to will go to help fund Steemir. If you don't earn anything, you don't pay anything.

Invite your friends to get onboard Steemir, and for each one that installs Steemir we'll give you 5% more of the profit per video, up to 20% total, reducing the amount Steemir gets to 5%. Your friends will also receive 5% more per video, for signing up with your referral link. You can find your personal referral link in the settings on the Steemir Chrome extension or go directly to referrals.

Or if you really enjoy Steemir and you feel like leaving a 5 star review on the Chrome Extension site or just promoting Steemir on your own, please send us a link to that review and your username, and once verified, we'll apply the 20% bonus to your steem account!

2. How fast can I upload YouTube videos?

You can upload as many videos as fast as YouTube normally allows, but you can only post one video to Steem every 5 minutes. Steemir does show a counter that shows how much time you need to wait if you want the video to post to Steem also.

3. Can I use Steemir to post my older YouTube videos too?

Not yet, but we are working on it! We are also working on adding scheduling that hooks into YouTube's video scheduling!

4. Are my videos decentralized?

Not yet! Currently only the link to your YouTube video is sent to the Steem blockchain, but that feature is currently in the works too, of getting a full backup of your video in a decentralized location using IPFS and/or WebTorrent technologies.

5. Can you add new features?

Yes, if you have ideas for improvement or new features, please send them to . Many new features are already in the works, and you will be seeing them in future updates.

6. How secure is this?

The extension is only using your posting key, like DTube does, so there is no access to your wallet funds or any other primary account function. Your posting key is saved in your browser storage and is never transmitted or accessible by any other sites. The posting key is transmitted using the official steem-js library to make a transaction to upload your post directly to the Steem block chain: There is also an "Erase" button on the extension settings, so that if you are on a public computer, you can remove your posting key from that Chrome browser.