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About Steemir

Steemir allows you to earn money by automatically posting your YouTube videos on the Steem blockchain, whenever you post to YouTube.

Steemir App Features

Earn Real US Dollars

Steem dollars convert directly to real US Dollars or Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies.

Easy To Use

Sign up on, enter your posting key, and then upload to YouTube like you normally do, it is that simple.

Free Money

Steem users generate income by posting content; the money comes from network usage, there are no hidden fees.


Your steemit posting id is kept in your browser, and only used while uploading, so you have total control.

Reach A New Audience

Steemians love great content, and reward it with votes, comments, and follows.


Steemir doesn't interfere with any other YouTube monetizations you may be using, it is completely transparent.

Download The Steemir Chrome Extension Now

Get started earning extra money right now. Just install the Steemir Chrome extension, sign up for a free account, then just upload your YouTube videos as you would normally, and Steemir will do the rest!

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